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Technical Game Designer.




Developing games professionally since 2008.

Hello! I’m Alex Belzer, technical game designer. I collaborate and iterate on design, construct intelligent scripting solutions, deliver optimal implementation, and polish content that’s ship-ready. I’m proficient in industry standard tools, and can pick up any scripting language, proprietary or otherwise. Currently available for contract work.


AR Card Warriors

In September of 2018 Google and IndieCade invited select developers to join an ARCore Game Jam in Los Angeles. The theme was “playing together”, and I came up with AR Card Warriors, a multiplayer digital board game RPG that used ARCore’s Augmented Images capability to scan playing cards as pieces on a virtual game board!


Sunset Noir

Sunset Noir is a mystery detective game with a black and white graphic novel aesthetic. In it players inspect the environment to search for clues in a 3D environment, and interrogate suspects via a 2D visual novel style conversation system.  I am acting as lead programmer and designer, and am using the 80 Days developers' narrative engine, Ink, to handle the branching storyAn in development collaboration with Sealab Games.


God of war

I was brought on to the God of War team as a contract associate technical designer. My primary function was to script audio on Kratos, Atreus, and boss encounters, which involved collaborating with sound designers, combat designers and systems engineers, as well as independently reverse-engineering other teams' implementations when needed. Additionally I created an optimized workflow for implementation, operated as point man for systemic audio, and helped define a fuller API to meet designers' needs.


Dungeon Punks

Dungeon Punks is an old-school arcade beat-em-up experience mixed with new-school RPG underpinnings. As the creative designer on the project, I designed and implemented all content in game: combat, skill trees, quests, levels and cutscenes, as well as theming and story. It was a learning experience in balancing the multiple aspects of a game's design and how they impact core game loops.  You can watch a talk about some of the tech that went into making this game over on Twitch.


Super Plumber

Super Plumber is a small side-project that's sort of like Super Mario Bros. 2, except you actually have to go to your job as a plumber! My choice of engine (Unity) actually created a series of engineering challenges for implementing retro platformer necessities: sharp 2D collision, non-physics based control, and pixel tile/sprite rendering. I'm happy to report that these challenges were all surmountable, and you can grab some of my solutions from my GitHub page!



ShadowTale was a free-to-play web-based MMORPG on which I scripted content and did QA. Hyper Awesome Entertainment 2008-2011.