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Hello! I’m Alex. I’ve previously shipped 2018’s God of War and indie beat-em-up Dungeon Punks as a technical designer, and am currently exploring the world of freelance game programming in lovely Los Angeles. When I’m not working on games, I’m teaching students how to make them as an associate adjunct professor at the University of Southern California.

I’m currently available for contract work on either short or long-term projects. You can contact me at alex.gray.belzer at gmail dot com.



professional projects


Starbos Cawfee


The in-development follow-up game from Dream Daddy director Tyler Hutchinson! On the project, I’ve been a systems designer and programmer. More info to come soon!




HauntAR is a classic escape-the-room style game with an auditory twist, made exclusively for the audio-only augmented reality of Bose’s AR Enabled devices. I lead the team, and handled audio design, engineering, and mixing. Notably, I used Resonance Audio to handle spatialization and audio physics.


God of war

Playstation 4

I was brought on to the God of War team as an associate technical designer for audio. It was a great introduction to 3D game engines and industry standard tools, which I used to script audio in combat and boss scenarios, handle prioritization, and construct systemic audio for materials, physics, and effects. Also, I was able to bring my experience from Dungeon Punks of composing entities out of shared data/code sets to greatly optimize the workflow. This ensured complete coverage as a baseline, while still allowing designers to be as meticulous as they had the bandwidth for.

I’m honored to have been on the team that crafted the award-winning audio of 2018’s Game of the Year.


Dungeon Punks

XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4, PSVita, PC

Dungeon Punks is an old-school arcade beat-em-up and new-school RPG. As the combat designer on the project, I designed and scripted characters movesets and environmental interaction on dozens and dozens of characters, traps, and breakables, and came up with their theming and variation. I learned a lot about combat design and progression systems.  You can watch a talk about some of the tech that went into making this game over on Twitch. I also take full credit for the funky direction of this trailer.




ShadowTale was a free-to-play web-based MMORPG on which I did QA and implemented content, and learned how to script missions and levels. Sadly, the game isn’t playable anymore, but we had a small but obsessive fanbase back in the day, and there are plenty of videos of the game in action on YouTube.




Sunset Noir

Sunset Noir is a prototype for a mystery detective game with a black and white graphic novel aesthetic. In it players inspect the environment to search for clues in a 3D environment, and interrogate suspects via a 2D visual novel style conversation system. The project was an excuse for me to learn Unity (particularly level building tools, UI and materials systems), as well as how to hook into Inkle Studio’s narrative-engine, Ink.


AR Card Warriors

In September of 2018 Google and IndieCade hosted the Play TogethAR Game Jam in Los Angeles. The theme was “playing together”, and I came up with AR Card Warriors, a multiplayer digital board game RPG that used ARCore’s Augmented Images capability to scan playing cards as pieces on a virtual game board.



Modern Times is a small side-project that's sort of like Super Mario Bros. 2, except you actually have to go to your job as a plumber. I was unhappy with Unity’s (old) workflow for 2D games, and came up with my own animator modeled after the classic Flixel framework, as well as a custom sprite sheet slicer and pixel perfect camera component. Additionally, I developed a wonderfully simplified state machine system, as well as a non-physics based character controller, which I’m excited to share soon. You can grab some of my solutions from my GitHub page! The pixel art is also all me, which was a lot of fun to do!



Email: alex.gray.belzer at gmail dot com